Saaho - 2019 Movie Review {2.5/5} | Saaho Review

Movie : Saaho
Release Date: 30 August 2019
Review By: Filmsbit News Network
Ratings : 2.5 / 5

Saaho Movie Synopsis:: The members of a dreaded crime syndicate finish off their leader to earn a huge sum using a secret black box. When the leader's son hatches a plan to take revenge on his father's killers, two cops trace the huge sum, which leads to a battle between the cops and the criminals.

Saaho Movie Review: Billed as India's largest entertainer in practice, Saaho is all about the feud among a few members of the world's largest crime syndicate, based in Waaji City, somewhere outside India. Some of the gang's over-ambitious and brutal males (and a woman) pull off their leader Roy (Jackie Shroff) to get a hidden black box they aspire to become billionaires through.

Meanwhile, India's police are following a intelligent thief (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who plundered two lakh crore rupees. Ashok (Prabhas) and Amrita (Shraddha Kapoor) are in charge of the squad. It is disclosed after thorough inquiry that there is a connection between the enormous amount and the town of Waaji. Vishwa's arrival (Arun Vijay), Roy's son, makes the plot more fascinating as he sets out to discover the assassin of his father and the cash lost in India.

A film produced with countless performers on such a large scale requires a gripping screenplay and persuasive features, and that's precisely what Saaho lacks. There's a hero and the compulsory heroine, and there's far too many villains on the screen to concentrate on these many characters. None of the antagonists leave a major effect, resulting in a lack of emotional connection to the protagonist.

As the investigating officer in the original scenes, Prabhas feels a little uncomfortable but transforms as the personality as the story progresses and excels in the scenes of action. He, likely, is the only grace of salvation. Shraddha is delivering what she has been given and playing her role decently. The songs ' positioning is large let-down despite being shot lavishly. Multiple talented artists ' presence does not assist much. On the screen, they all look different, but in their histrionics, the many characters are almost the same. Due to its overlong length, the movie also tests our patience after a point. And in Tamil it is mainly dubbed, leading to problems of lip-sync.

Saaho's makers supposedly spent a bomb filming the action scenes, but only in a few of them that's obvious. A good number of shots are made in VFX — while some are of the highest quality, some ambitious shots appear below par. Saaho is an ambitious project based on the technical elements and the larger-than-life picture of its hero, rather than on its script.