Untouched by rumors about "Inshallah," Salman Khan is all about surprising supporters with a new film!

Salman Khan, a super star in Bollywood, is ready to pursue his EID tradition by announcing a new project for 2020. Salman Khan's' Inshallah' for Eid 2020 was to be released by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, but the film has lately become shelved. The actor went on to say the same in his social media as he announced that he would see his supporters again on Eid, 2020.

According to our sources, Salman has been busy with his hectic plans after that announcement, but makes sure he doesn't abandon any rock unturned for its next undertaking that will be announced shortly. We know that Salman and his group have had sessions away for the previous 2-3 days and put their energy and effort into this venture. Rumors have been made that Salman Khan will come up with "Kick 2,' but this tale is not true. The actor is concentrating on a whole new project and in the next few days he will make the formal announcement about the same.

There have also been rumors about' Inshallah' lately and many ideas about the film being shelved come out openly. However, the people near Salman kept the reports in dignified silence and chose to react so that fuel was not added to the fire. Not only his squad, even Salman does not heed these rumors and said the film would have taken place if it was God's will.

Although' Inshallah' hasn't worked out, Salman has thrilled his supporters for another project that looks forward to finding out more. Currently, the actor is busy filming' Dabangg 3' and after wrapping, he is going to announce the official release of his next Eid 2020 initiative.